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  1. The Power of Prayer
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  13. Smile
  14. Are you rich or Poor?
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  16. My Christmas Prayer for "U"
  17. Mark 5:36
  18. John 8:47
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  22. A Letter from Satan
  23. If Jesus came to your house (a poem)
  24. The Call of the Barnyard
  25. How much do you love Jesus ??
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  28. 7even Deadly Sins
  29. Ang Diyos ay...
  30. Ano ang Inyong Relihiyon?
  31. Try to Read, Feel and Understand (Black Saturday)
  32. Is Book Of Revelation Is True?
  33. Some Revelation about the Qur'an and The Bible
  34. what is the assurance of man for his salvation
  35. a wonderful story
  36. Always Check Your Mail
  37. Don't Call Jesus as "Bro"
  38. The Interview With God Poem
  39. Ten things God won't ask you
  40. Basahin mo. Share lang sa akin ito
  41. Satan Is in the Vatican, Catholic Exorcist Says
  42. What To Give Up - A Lenten Reflection
  43. Just Stay
  44. "How can I turn all my worries and problems over to God?"
  45. why read Bible?
  46. The scientific death of Jesus