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  1. Do you love watching PORN movies?
  2. CSI part II
  3. Booty Call Forms now available!
  4. In response to whose wearing the pants in a relationship
  5. Why All Gurls think that man are always horny??
  6. Alam nyo ba ito?
  7. Lights ON or Lights OFF?
  8. What's the best position, Is it the man on top or the woman on top?
  9. Question: Ano naman favorite position niyo when you make love?
  10. How many tyms do you make love with ur loved one?
  11. Music na ginagamit nyo kapag make-loving nyo...
  12. Complete this statement:Sex is best...
  13. BOOBIES...whats your ideal size?
  14. Kumusta ang sex life?
  15. eto guys.. "just porn" or scandals?
  16. Who Makes The First Move In Sex?
  17. everything men know about women
  18. How to turn on a man vs How to turn on a man a woman
  19. Topless Hair Salon
  20. Help needed