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  1. Things girls should know about guys
  2. When Girls Drink Too Much.....
  3. 9 words Women use
  4. cup size mo?
  5. What undies are you comfy to wear?
  6. Are you flirt?
  7. Pinakayummy na bhatugan guy
  8. Nahuli nyo ba bf/asawa niyo nanunuod ng porn?
  9. Cleavage & Bra - Okay Lang Ba Sa Inyo Na Makita?
  10. girls anung pnakahate nyong porma ng 1 guy?
  11. Your guy is cheating on you
  12. naughty messages?
  13. 10 Reasons God Created Eve
  14. ayaw ng bhatugirls sa bhatuguys (part2)
  15. Us.... Women...
  16. what is soooo irresistable about him?
  17. Orgasm on the first time..
  18. For Every Woman by Nancy R. Smith
  19. 25 things that a perfect guy would do..
  20. Through a Rapist's Eyes (No Joke)
  21. bhatugan favorite past time pag wla si ginagawa?
  22. 100 facts about guys
  23. ..-=|Detecting 2-Way Mirror from Not|=-..
  24. Reasons why women find it hard to find the man of their dreams..
  25. Question To All Sexperienced Ladies..
  26. naranasan nyo na bang ma basted?
  27. How do you kiss a guy?
  28. Girls what would you think of a guy texting to see if you were okay in the morning?
  29. Girls, what kind of guy would you not mind dating?
  30. Ladies let's talk about birth control
  31. Lets talk about sex...
  32. Girls san naman kayo nag uumpisang humalik sa isang guy?
  33. Girls ano naman naka turn on sa atin sa isang guy?
  34. Ladies, do you understand your man?
  35. ano ggawin nio kapag yung asawa/bf nio nahuli mong
  36. frustration ng girls sa guys
  37. Saan ka unang humahawak pagkasama nyo ang bf/asawa mo?
  38. The Girl Code...you should know this.
  39. i love you ^^
  40. USEFUL FACTS about MEN
  41. True About Guys
  42. Why Women Cry?
  43. Why are men always attracted to Filipina girls?
  44. Kailangan pa bang magsuot ng underwears?
  45. Women who rape men...mangyari kaya sa Pilipinas?
  46. will you date a guy you met on the net?
  47. how will you rate a guy with funny actions?
  48. how can you handle this?
  49. will you tell a guy that he is your crush?
  50. will you get his number?
  51. what type of gift you want guys to give you?
  52. thongs or panty?
  53. kind of bra you aften use?
  54. briefs or panty?
  55. boy-next-door or bad-boy type?
  56. pills or condoms?
  57. macho type or chubby guy?
  58. flowers or chocolates?
  59. dress or maong miniskirt & blouse?
  60. pony tail or head band?
  61. nakadikit n boobs??
  62. hanggang saan ang kaya nyo ibigay sa bf nyo?
  63. selosa b kau mga bhatugurls?
  64. Ask ko lang what to expect when you fall in love with your bestfriend